Zscaler Uncovers Hidden Security Risks Impacting Enterprises

VPN technologies that were the heart of remote access have become a source of risk. Threat actors are targeting VPNs as made evident by the countless new articles about VPN exploits and almost 500 known VPN vulnerabilities listed on the CVE database. “Corporate VPN is an aging technology as organizations shift to more cloud-based services…However, […]

Privacy in Practice 2021

Given the accelerating pace at which data are created and collected daily, some argue that information has replaced oil as the world’s most valuable resource. ISACA has released a new survey report, Privacy in Practice 2021: Data Privacy Trends, Forecasts and Challenges, exploring past and future trends in privacy by design, privacy obstacles and privacy […]

USD 3 mn: Money India’s Top 8 Super Bug Hunters brought Home in 2020

USD 3 mn: Money India’s Top 8 Super Bug Hunters brought Home in 2020 “No industry or profession has experienced an evolution quite like hacking. It started in the darkest underbelly of the internet, where hackers roamed the online world in search of vulnerabilities.” – HackerOne According to Hacker Trends & Security in 2021, hacker […]

Top Threats to Cloud Computing: Egregious Eleven Deep Dive

The shift from server to service-based thinking is transforming the way technology departments think about, design, and deliver computing technology and applications. The development of the cloud service model delivers business-supporting technology more efficiently than ever before. That said, while cloud computing has transformed businesses and business models altogether, it has also posed new security […]

Cloud Penetration Testing Playbook

Due to its huge potential benefits, organizations are rushing to adopt and use cloud computing in their processes and operations. So we can evidently see massive adoption and growth in cloud technology. This creates a need to extend the scope of penetration testing into public cloud systems and components (this refers to customer-controlled or customer-managed […]

Turning the Tide: Trend Micro Security Predictions for 2021

Turning the Tide: Trend Micro Security Predictions for 2021 starts with the summary: “In 2021, organizations will scramble to deal with the far-reaching effects while striving to stay secure as online dependency grows. We discuss the developments that are not only plausible but ones that should also be anticipated. We look into the drivers of […]

Cloud Security Challenges in 2021: Extending Tripwire Into the Cloud

No trend is more relevant than cloud computing. Cloud is surely the backbone of the most data-driven app-based tech ecosystem and expanding its capabilities like no other. Cloud configurations allow you to approach security with increased visibility and granularity, but that doesn’t mean you can lift and shift your systems to the cloud and assume […]

The Future Is Purple: Creating a Proactive Cyber Threat Program

It is evident that adversary attacks are becoming more and more frequent, severe, and sophisticated. While 93% of organizations, according to Cisco 2020 CISO Benchmark Report, receive more than 5000 alerts every day and security teams can’t keep up, investigating only on average 51% of these alerts, 91% of the attacks did not generate an […]

Navigating Cybersecurity in An Uncertain World: Sophos 2021 Threat Report

It seems remote working will continue to expand, offering more opportunities for threats like ransomware. Not only do ransomware threat actors have become a daily threat but also they continue to innovate both their technology and their methods at an accelerating pace. That said, it’s not just the pandemic that has altered the workforce – […]