Given the accelerating pace at which data are created and collected daily, some argue that information has replaced oil as the world’s most valuable resource.

ISACA has released a new survey report, Privacy in Practice 2021: Data Privacy Trends, Forecasts and Challenges, exploring past and future trends in privacy by design, privacy obstacles and privacy workforce, frameworks and policies used to protect sensitive data, and breach-related trends.

Some findings validate expected results, such as the importance of privacy and the increasing demand for skilled privacy professionals, while others provide insight on how enterprises are managing their privacy programs and addressing skill gaps.

The report highlights common privacy failures, including:

  • Lack of training or poor training (64 percent)
  • Failure to perform a risk analysis (53 percent)
  • Bad or nonexistent detection of personal information (50 percent)

But it also talks about the ways to overcome the challenges:

  • Privacy frameworks:
    • The most helpful asset to support business objectives related to privacy compliance and governance.
  • Training:
    • Experience-based credentials and privacy training.

Given the importance of privacy, enterprises must ensure that skilled talent is retained to manage and support the privacy program. And, based on survey responses, the demand for privacy professionals will increase.

Read the full report at

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