The shift from server to service-based thinking is transforming the way technology departments think about, design, and deliver computing technology and applications. The development of the cloud service model delivers business-supporting technology more efficiently than ever before. That said, while cloud computing has transformed businesses and business models altogether, it has also posed new security challenges that you need to deal with right away if you have your data and/or services reside in the cloud.

This case study from Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) presents an in-depth analysis for ‘The Egregious 11: Top Threats to Cloud Computing’ by using nine real-world attacks and breaches

The nine real-world attacks and breaches contain: 

  • Capital One
  • Disney+
  • Dow Jones
  • Github
  • Imperva
  • Ring
  • Tesco
  • Tesla
  • Zoom

For example, it provides a case study of Capital One, who were the threat actors with the threat details, technical impacts, business impacts, preventive mitigation, detective mitigation, and corrective mitigation, and of course the key takeaways.

Key Takeaways:

  • The attack details for each case study
  • The technical and business impacts of each attack
  • The preventative, detective, and corrective mitigation measures organizations should take
  • Where and how CSA Top Threats fit in a greater security analysis
  • How lessons and mitigation concepts can be applied in real-world scenarios

These anecdotes will also allow cybersecurity managers to better communicate with executives and peers for implementing mitigations and countermeasures from a security analysis standpoint.

Read the report here:

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